There have been a number of achievements during the 81 years of existence of IRC. Some of the notable achievements are listed as under:-

Starting from long term Road Development Plan under the aegis of IRC in 1943 famously known as “Nagpur Plan” set up the foundation for subsequent 20 years Road Development Plans for the country on all India basis. 

The 20 years subsequent Road Development Plans laid the foundation for functional classification of road network and criteria for road activity in developed and undeveloped areas in the country. These plans have served as sound reference framework both at Central and State level to formulate their successive 5 year plans. The subsequent 20 year plans were formulated in close association with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. 

IRC have published 119 number of Codes of Practices for Specifications & Standards; 106 number of Special Publications on Guidelines and Manuals, 33 number of publications on behalf of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways; 2 each publications on behalf of National Highways Authority of India and Ministry of Rural Development; 23 number of State-of-the-Art Reports on Highway Research; 77 Highway Research Bulletin; 13 Highway Research Journals besides 40 Highway Research Records.



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