In October, 1973, the Highway Research Board (HRB) was set-up under the auspices of the IRC for giving undivided attention to research and development activities.  The objectivities of the HRB are: 

  • to ascertain the nature and extent of research required;
  • to correlate research information from various organizations in India and abroad with a view to exchange publications on roads:
  • to coordinate and conduct correlation services;
  • to sponsor basic research through universities and research organizations;
  • to collect and disseminate results of research; and 
  • any other matter related to road research.

There are three committees under HRB, namely;
Committee for Identification, Monitoring and Research Application (IMRA) 

  • Committee for Accreditation of New Materials/ Techniques/Technology/Instruments, etc.
  • Committee on Pilot Projects to introduce innovations and support innovative ideas in the road sector.


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