There are three Apex committees, which are responsible for formulation and updationof Codes of Practices, Standards and Guidelines. They are 

  1. Highways Specifications & Standards Committee (HSS);
  2. Bridges Specifications & Standards Committee (BSS) &
  3. General Specifications & Standards Committee (GSS).

The HSS deals with all aspects of roads, traffic, transportation, maintenance. The following ten Technical Committees are working under it:-

  • H-1 – Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering         
  • H-2 – Flexible Pavement and Airfields & Runways Committee
  • H-3 – Rigid Pavement
  • H-4 – Embankment, Ground Improvement and Drainage
  • H-5 – Rural Roads
  • H-6 – Road Maintenance and Asset Management
  • H-7 – Road Safety & Design
  • H-8 – Urban Roads, Streets and Transport
  • H-9 – Composite Pavement
  • H-10- Hill Roads & Tunnels

The BSS deals with design, construction and maintenance aspects of bridges. The following nine Technical committees are working under it:-

  • B-1 – General Design Features (Bridges and Grade Separated Structures)
  • B-2 – Loads and Load Combinations
  • B-3 – Foundation, Substructure, Protective Works & masonry Structures
  • B-4 – Concrete (Plain, Reinforced and Pre-Stressed Structures)
  • B-5 – Steel and Composite Structure
  • B-6 – Bearings, Joints and Appurtenances
  • B-7 – Formwork and Temporary Structures
  • B-8 -  Management, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • B-9 - Specialized Bridge Structures Including Sealinks

The GSS deals with general aspects of road and bridge engineering. The following five Technical Committees are working under it:-

  • G-1 – Project Preparation, Contracts Management & Quality Assurance and Public Private Partnership Committee
  • G-2 – Human Resource Development Committee
  • G-3 – Committee on Reduction of Carbon Footprint in Road Construction and Environment
  • G-4 – Mechanization & Instrumentation Committee
  • G-5 – Disaster Management Committee
  • G-6 - Multi Modal Transport System Committee
  • G-7 - Intelligent Transportation System Committee

The DG (RD) & SS, MORTH, President IRC and Secretary General, IRC are 3 Ex-Officio members of all the Technical Committees. 

The number of experts in each of the Technical Committees is 25 regular members and 5 corresponding members/co-opted members. 

The total number of experts in the 3 Apex Committees is 40 in number.

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