• To be the lead National Forum for sharing of knowledge and to pool our experiences and expertise collectively on the entire range of subjects related with road sector including the connected policy issues on road construction and road transportation.
  • To promote the use of standard specifications confirming to the cutting edge technologies for construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels and road transportation.
  • To align itself to global initiatives of environmental strategy for promotion of cleaner, less energy intensive and less polluting construction techniques, use of recycled wastes; minimize drawing of natural resources and encourage the profession to aim at earning carbon credit in life cycle analysis for road/transportation projects under Environment Management Plan (EMP). 
  • To promote efficient and well integrated transport system that serves the public interest by enhancing mobility and delivery safe, secure and environmentally responsible.
  • Tocreate mass awareness to follow traffic regulations and ethics thereof.
  • To pool knowledge (Library) with exchange facility through web to the reputed national and international organizations engaged in the profession and shared publications and literature conforming to cutting edge technologies.
  • To advice regarding planning and design, transportation, legislation and research connected with development and maintenance of roads and road transportation.


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Last Updated:- 27/09/2023